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343 Railway Street
Vancouver, BC, V6A 1A4

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil


Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil


Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil


From Grizzly Pet Products

This is the #1 Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil in the Nation! The most complete source of natural Omega-3 fatty acids comes only from wild Alaskan salmon that have spent their lives foraging on a natural, nutrient-rich diet. Sustainably caught, gently pressed, this fish is the reason why Grizzly Salmon Oil for Cats provides the optimum blend of fatty acids, inherent antioxidants, and trace vitamins that support your cat’s healthy skin and coat, vision, cognition, immune system, and more.

  • high levels of DHA and EPA

  • readily accessible for metabolism (unlike plant-based oils)

  • sourced from sustainable fisheries (never farmed)

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