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343 Railway Street
Vancouver, BC, V6A 1A4

Glass and Ash Memorial Pendant

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Glass and Ash Memorial Pendant

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Glass and Ash Memorial Pendant


From Ash Beads

This lovely wearable tribute keeps your cat with you forever. Ash Beads, which are wearable pendants made using cremation ash, are made with love and devotion by artist Merry Coor. She only creates when she is in a good mood, centered, and focused. “I take making beads with ashes very seriously and begin each bead with the utmost respect.” She melts rods of glass until they form spheres, then distributes their ashes on its surface in spirals. Afterwards, she encases her pieces in a transparent layer of clear glass.  The bead is ethereal, it looks like the heavens, infinite universe, or planet earth. Prices starting from $117.

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